What is CNTRL?

CNTRL is a newly developed time-management system for keeping track of employees, shifts, venues and when people are meant to work, and when they actually did work. It's meant to be used as a time-management / employee-management system, and can be used either solely by HR to control and set up shiftlists and such, or by each individual employee to sign up for shifts when s/he can work, and for HR to then assign them to work a set amount of times pr. week or month.

The website allows for accessing and keeping control over every employee, and can also be used to extract statistics, keep up to date on contracts and make sure everyone is working their share of the shifts. There are different settings for different types of organisations, the site was originally meant to cater for volunteer organisations, like student groups and similar, but we have now updated everything to also cater to regular companies and organisations needing to get an easier way of keeping up to date about workhours, shifts and have an easy control of all employees.

How can you use this software?

The software is free for download and use. However, if you need help installing or setting up the software, creating the database, modify the code, etc. THOSE THINGS COST MONEY.

Also, if you're using the SaaS-version, you must pay the subscription to be able to access your data.

Paying for the SaaS version gives you the following benefits:

The SaaS-version can be accessed via your own subdomain, something like

Note that for the downloadable version of this software, we offer no free support, nor help with installation or operation. If you need help, you can have a look at the documentation, or buy a support package. We take no responsibility for losses or problems you experience while using it. If you end up losing your house, wife and dog because of it, that's on you - although we'll feel sorry for the dog!

About Cntrl

Cntrl 1.5

Developed by Ørjan Langbakk from 2013 to 2021

Licensed via GPL

bugs can be reported to: